We meet monthly at the Ott Planetarium at Weber State University on the second Thursday of each month (except June, July & August) at 7:30pm (1551 Edvalson St, Ogden, Utah). We have guest speakers, watch space related movies and have show and tell sessions. We also get together for fun activities. We go on several camping trips each year where we take our telescopes to some of the darkest places in the US. We get together for special events like eclipses, occultations and transits. We also host Star Parties for the public, schools and other organizations.

Our Equipment

In addition to the telescopes that our members own, OAS has an 18.5" Dobsonian name BOB, a 10” Orion Intellescope, a 16" Meade Lightbridge, a 40mm Coronado SolarMax and a 102mm Celestron C-4 refractor




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